Cobwebs, Blogs and a Whole Can of Worms…


I received a message yesterday from a person I have taken to referring to as Bones  (I hope he doesn’t mind the liberty I have taken with this abbreviation of an online name) informing me that he had very kindly nominated me for a 2013 “Very Inspiring Blogger Award.” Several things crossed my mind on receipt of this message including of course thoughts of indeed saying thank you for the nomination, though these thoughts quickly brought about more thoughts of what that would mean. Cue much procrastination on my part. I felt I couldn’t say thank you without accepting the nomination, which in turn meant I would need to come out of my ‘blog shell’ and get technical on here (wordpress confuses me at times) in order to nominate some blogs myself. This seemed like a hugely monstrous task for me personally. A hugely monstrous task that was, until I considered the fact I was perhaps self-sabotaging, procrastinating, and generally being insular amongst various other introvert-type mechanisms I tend to adopt – particularly when it comes to writing. So, after much deliberation I decided to accept the nomination with much thanks (thank you very much Bones ) and indeed follow the steps in order to complete this process and nominate some blogs that I find inspiring. I haven’t blogged here in some months having found myself writing pieces on Twitter more frequently. However, this blog (though brimming with cobwebs just now) is a favourite sanctuary of expression for me which I will continue to return to (and though I’m not overly keen on spiders, I’m quite fond of these cobwebs). When I come back to my writing here it sometimes feels like opening a can of worms, except I really don’t like worms…which leads me to wonder, if I must have a can of worms to open, perhaps this is my favourite place to do so…

Anyway, back to the nomination!

The rules for accepting the award, I am told, are as follows:
• Display the award logo on your blog; (this was the beginning of my technical terror of ‘how to’ which I have now overcome)
• Link back to the person who nominated you; (that would be Bones for me)
• State 7 things about yourself; (this initiated further procrastinating fodder for yours truly)
• Nominate other bloggers for this award and link to them, and;
• Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements. (I’m not sure how to do this without looking like I am posting on people’s blogs with a link to mine in some kind of pimping-of-self action sooo….after consideration I think I’m going to rebel. That’s just me and my weird mind, not a reflection on anyone else. If any of those I have listed here do read this though, thank you, I adore reading you all very much – thank you for the continued inspiration.)

Seven Things About Me

1. Only a small percentage of what I want to write is ever written. I think maybe I have a library of misfit writings in my head that have never thought themselves enough to be penned.

2. I’m really not very good at telling people about myself and will most likely read this back and cringe…

3. I’m not afraid of my inner sadnesses and unrest. Life without them would be far less layered. Meaningful to me is all about the lost meaningless that gravitate towards each other in some kind of solace.

4. I’d rather tell you how I feel spontaneously in a moment than who I think I am in a timed explanation of thought.

5. I wish I could bake with ease.

6. The summer of 2006 changed my outlook on life irrevocably.

7. Solitudal isn’t a word, but if it was, it would best describe the part of me I share here.

Others Blog I Would Like to Nominate

Filling a Hole

FM Ghost

Subtle Entropy

Out of the Woods

Robin Hawke

I read many people here on wordpress, twitter, and other forums who inspire me daily. The people I nominate here in this post are specifically writers that I have been reading here on wordpress since I first started this blog (I’m guessing a couple of years ago now) and they have each inspired me (and continue to do so) in very unique, authentic and personal ways. Thank you.


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Evelyn
    Feb 20, 2013 @ 16:48:52

    Thank you honey.
    Im glad you came out of your shell.
    cobwebby me too. lol


    • feltsensejunkie
      Feb 20, 2013 @ 16:53:55

      You’re so welcome. Cobwebby we lol! Reading real, gritty, honest, writing is what inspires me and the kind of writing I aspire to. There is so much diversity in who I read here I love it. Thank you.


  2. Evelyn
    Feb 20, 2013 @ 16:49:51

    also want to add that FM Ghost and Fractured Phrases are like my favorite blogs ever. Steve is amazing. Also, Out of the Woods is another one I thoroughly enjoy.


  3. Paul McGovern
    Feb 20, 2013 @ 17:27:30

    Thank you very much Feltsy.

    Eloquent existentialism permeates your writing.

    Some great names including Evelyn.


  4. Steve
    Feb 22, 2013 @ 20:17:32

    Thank you so much. I am truly honored that you (and you too, Evelyn) find my words inspiring. It makes writing all the more worth it. I’m looking forward to reading new “ramblings” from you.


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