A Walk Alone With Many

Crowded cobbles painted grey

Footsteps echo past expression

Dim light serves a winding stage

Bygone, present, future meet

A shadowed walk alone with many


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  1. Paul McGovern
    Nov 06, 2011 @ 15:04:06

    The inversion of quantity, both in the title and in the sparse nature of the lines in that they say so much. Evoking a place of reflection, the downward gaze of contemplation. Mute, subtle, understated, the inner mirror needing little light. Timeless – human condition explored in sensory phrase, thoughts taking steps on textured surface, the tactile nature of the mind akin to touch.

    Crowded cobbles painted grey

    Walking on art, everything your canvas – quantifiable texture, overcast underfoot.

    Footsteps echo past expression

    Reflection not only of light but sound, the echo of the world – steps taken – procession, the forward arc of time.

    Dim light serves a winding stage

    Acting out existence, subtle light – for your illumination stems from within.

    Bygone, present, future meet

    Collision of time.. the flux of change.

    A shadowed walk alone with many

    Beautiful, magnificent, poignant – stapled fast to wonder. Reminds me of paths walked and thoughts shared. Concise and elegant, language with purpose. I adore it.


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