The Clouds Look On

Lay me down in a field of daisies
Whisper to me slow and sweet
I gaze up at the clouds
Fit to burst, in awe of what is us
The grass between my fingertips
I clutch and roll against my palms
I roll with you in perfect rhythm

Your lips trace a lazy path
One only you know
Navigating sun kissed freckles
A unique journey
Solely for me

Limbs entwined, fingers meld
Your mouth encases skin
As you whisper all that I am
You break me from this shell
Searching my soul as my hips rise
Consumed by you, and you by me

Thoughts collide in time with our skin
I feel the blood rise to my chest
You look upon me with hazy eyes
A crimson glow erupts
Warmth against warmth
A perfection collision

You press yourself to me
I counter and soar
Beauty floods through me
You make it so
Tongues dance softly
We pay no heed to the melting clock
Lost in our senses
Freed from constraints
You, me, elated

The clouds look on
They burst with envy


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. PeachyDiddles
    Jun 13, 2011 @ 20:43:24

    You know I can’t form good enough words to tell you how much I love this poem. The hazy psychic twin-ness, the clock, the little intricacies that I recognise and the new visions and feelings are all just unbelieveably wonderful. So sensual and emotive and just…perfection. xxx


  2. Paul McGovern
    Jun 13, 2011 @ 20:45:02

    When are you coming to Ireland? Cause we have clouds :p

    This is just yummy, sensual, erotic, tension filled perfection. It is vivid, tactile, textured, gorgeous wordage. I was transported reading this and I felt every single line.

    The description is super league – like “You break me from this shell. Searching my soul as my hips rise. Consumed by you, and you by me” erm MEDIC – boy collapses…

    “You press yourself to me. I counter and soar. Beauty floods through me. You make it so” this does things to me, like you wouldn’t believe. I see this as I read it, surely the ultimate accolade.

    This is writing as testament to what writing can do, move people, touch people, stimulate people. I’ve told you what I think of your writing, you need only show this to anyone for my beliefs to me held true.

    It’s magnificence, wondrous, genius and beautiful – once again like it’s author.

    Everything I adore about writing is here…


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