Idle Thoughts

Have you ever seen a bird free fall?

I was just stood in my usual place, at the back door, having a moment and indulging in an occasional vice. Stood there contemplating life and the universe and all that jazz. The sky was sort of busy, like the clouds weren’t racing but they were big and puffy, kind of plump. Almost like they were waiting for something. The sky was a mix of blues and greys with a hint of red; dusk was coming. Anyway, I was stood there, smoking and thinking and I spotted a pigeon. A scraggy, run of the mill pigeon. It was flying over the garden. Nothing spectacular. But it stopped suddenly, and for a few seconds I watched it free fall. It just spread out it’s wings and kind of floated through the clouds. It was like time was suspended for a moment, and this scraggy, run of the mill pigeon looked graceful, beautiful, as it slowly glided through the air without effort. A few seconds later it went back into flight and it’s wings began to dance their awkward, rushed dance as they moved it towards it’s destination. But for those few seconds, that pigeon looked beautiful…peaceful. It was just being. For those few seconds it was  coasting and letting itself fall. Breathtaking really…

(I wrote this on the 13th May 2011 and shared it with some friends at the time. I just wanted it somewhere on my blog as the memory stays with me)


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