Elysium With You

Stolen moments in Elysium; time slips into the softest dunes

We dance and gaze into the blinding glow above

Dare and defy as we look toward the blaze

Pure white and yellow chains resting on our skin

We embrace the pale green ties that never chafe or callous

Wide eyed and reckless, we’ll happily defy

Cheeks heavy, tinted rose with the weight of our merriment

Fingers entwined and hearts full with crimson hue

We sink our toes into the azure, watching the light match our steps

You’ll plead with me to stay until the salt stings my eyes

But this haven of tranquillity is for those akin to you

The souls that never faltered, that stood tall and strong

We whisper plans to fool him, to prolong the dance we make

But the clock is melting in the waves, a signal that I must leave

For I don’t belong here in this quiet, blissful place

But neither do I there, in the place that you left me

A destiny of misplacement to stand back in the shade

Yet here I walk by your side, hands clasped tightly

And I know my place, I always did

For now I’m neither here nor there

A twist of fate that never ends, this ever state of limbo


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Paul McGovern
    May 30, 2011 @ 15:39:21

    This is beautiful darlin, mystical, elegant & radiant – a bit like you! It fills me with wonder. Thanks for sharing : )


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